Paintball Action Games Hours of Operation

Open Weekends and Weekdays by Appointment

We are open year-round.
Weekdays are reserved for group appointments.
On weekends we accept walk-ons as well as group appointments.

All games are established by reservation, however walk-ons are permitted. Our days are broken into two sessions. If you arrive late to a session you can join in on any remaining games to be played until the end of that session.

You are not limited to play only one session if the second session group accepts walk-ons from the first session otherwise you will be required to pay as a new walk on to the second session.

We Schedule Around You

Although we orient the day around two sessions, they can begin as early or as late as your party desires. We like to start a morning session by 9am but we can start as late as 11am for our first session. Our afternoon sessions can also be arranged for later start times, but we MUST end the day an hour before dusk in order to break-down and clean up

@PAGofDelaware on Twitter

We tweet the night before how many are coming and the hours for the next day. Friday night we tweet Saturday's head count and hours, Saturday night we tweet Sunday's head count and hours.

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