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any type PAINTBALL GROUP. really!


With over 35 years experience, Paintball Action Games has hosted every type paintball group you can imagine. See below!

We built our business on serving groups, even groups as small as one.  With that said, the magic number for a group reservation is 15 players or more. We’re open all year on weekends, but we will open the park on weekdays with a group reservation. 


Small groups AND individuals who show up without booking are called, ‘walk-ons’.  

We make every attempt to mix walk-on players with groups that are within near-acceptable playing levels.  

Safety comes above all else in paintball and if your skill levels don’t match or align for safe play, we will make necessary changes during the day to keep everyone playing with the best-suited group.

15 or more and you have a group!

A typical mix of players you'll find at Paintball Action Games


Paintball Girl playing woodsball Capture the Flag at Paintball Action Games in Delaware

WALK-ON players

A walk-on player isn't necessarily one player. It's anyone who arrives without booking in advance.

Walk-ons are welcome to Paintball Action Games. Just keep in mind that most people playing at PAG are beginner to intermediate. We know you'll take new players under your wing.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties at Paintball Action Games are booked mainly for kids age 10 and up. Adult birth parties are welcome!

Paintball Action Games has been the #1 choice of kids birthday parties among paintball fields throughout Delaware for over 35 years.

Delaware Corporate Team Building Group up photo at Paintball Action Games


Paintball may be the ultimate outdoor team building exercise due where team work takes on a new dimension for work groups.

The leader in the office, may not be the best leader in the field. When you play paintball, you find out who plays with the teams best interest.

Good clean fun playing paintball at Paintball Action Games.


Bachelor parties are exciting and fun — and we keep YOU SAFE!

Mix up your group with others or play among yourselves. Bring your friends out and maybe your groom to be will take part in a 'bachelor run'.


Family friendly is the name of the paintball game at Paintball Action Games. We've had bachelor parties and church groups enjoy full days of paintball without anyone being offended by another. Our referees have one singular vision above all things, safety. Our reputation for beginner, family friendly paintball has travelled far. We've had church groups from as far as Virginia drive to play paintball at PAG.

The Delaware National Guard at Paintball Action Games


National Guard training to ex-Marines have been coming too Paintball Action Games for a true woodsball experience. Many woodsball fields are woodsball in name, we have a true wooded field complex. All our fields have trees except for our hyperball field. If you're military group needs to use the entire complex during the week, we are glad to serve you.


special events

Would you like to book the entire complex for your event? Paintball Action Games can host your paintball team practice or private tournament. We'll accommodate special event groups Monday through Friday. Paintball Action Games will accommodate special events opening full or partial days for special events. We can also provide your compressed air or you can manage your requirements and only lease the field.

High School Teams, College Fraternities, even Doctors in training play paintball.

school groups

Fraternities, Doctors in training, to High School sports teams come out to enjoy paintball in the woods at Paintball Action Games. No one can outrun a paintball, and we can tell you without exception, the boys and girls play at the same level when it comes to woodsball paintball. Don't hesititate to bring anyone in your group to play paintball.

how to make your paintball group reservation

Paintball Action Games welcomes all size groups, BUT! …You do need 15 or more players to reserve a session. Here are the details.


player count

A paintball group reservation requires no less than 15 players. A deposit on each player must be made in advance to secure your reservation.


The responsible group organizer must agree and provide a credit card deposit of the total player count at $10.00 per player to meet the deposit requirement. We must collect a $20 deposit per player.


All players must complete our waiver and sign the release form before playing. You can provide the form in advance to players by sending them our waiver in PDF format or complete it our online waiver form. Waivers not completed online must be brought by the organizer to the manager on duty the day of your session.

paintball players under age 18

Players under the age of 18 must have a legal parent or guardian sign a waiver. 

holding your reservation date

A deposit must be received to secure your reservation date. Reservations are required two weeks in advance. We sometimes have openings sooner than two weeks if another group cancels. 

weekday reservations

Any group reservations made between Monday and Friday are subject to the following. A deposit is required  equal to the player count at $10.00. The organizer is responsible for the full cost of the event (over and above the deposit amount) at the player count agreed to regardless of how many players attend or no players attend at all.  


Paintball Action Games allows spectators to attend without admission. 

  1. Spectators must wear a mask and watch from outside the field of play.
  2. Spectators may not enter any paintball field.
  3. Spectators must obey the refs for the safety of everyone. 
  4. Spectators may cheer and support, but may not sign or call out any game information. 

Deposits are non-refundable. If your party cancels within 72 hours of your scheduled reservation date you can reschedule at a later date. 

Group reservations to open the paintball park must be a paid amount of 15 players. You may bring a group with less than 15 without a reservation as walk-on players. However to guarantee a group reservation, an advanced deposit payment at a 15 player count is required. This option is often exercised with the benefit of having extra paint paid for through the additional player count. 

In short, we open the field based on reservations.  We pay our staff in full if we open.  In addition, 15 is the low number for us to pay staff and make a modest profit for field upkeep, improvements gear maintenance and other costs in doing business.

A 15 player reservation requirement is necessary to be a paintball park for new paintballers who want to feel and be safe.

It's for these reasons our business model as a beginner group oriented paintball park dictates we don't open the park if there are no players/groups reserved. 

Of course groups less than 15 can play!  The requirements are: 

  1. We must be open. (It's happened. Some beautiful Saturdays we remain closed due to no reservations). 
  2. Capacity has not been exceeded. We have a limit of paintball guns.
  3. We have enough on staff. We staff according to expected players.  

As you can see, reservations are important. Book 15 in advance for a worry free event!


IF you know you simply can't bring 15 and it is not in your budget to pay for 15, your best option is to check in regularly before your event to establish if we are planning to be open the day you would like to come play paintball. 

We play in all weather. Hard rain will shut down the park otherwise light right still allows for paintball. The cover of trees is a big factor in allowing us to remain open for you when rain becomes an issue. 

We often wait out intermittent rain as well.  

Have your group plan in advance for this worst case scenario. From clothing to a change of clothes and towels to keep your car clean on the way home.

As long as you notify us 24 hours prior to your scheduled event, you can reschedule for a later date.