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There are two primary types of paintball playing fields:

  • Woods
  • Paintball Arenas

Paintball Action Games has four (4) wooded fields and three (3) paintball arena style playing fields. For most groups we stick to games on our wooded fields. Towards the end of a session if you are comfortable with an even faster paced paintball gaming field, then we move on to the arena paintball fields.


Capture the Flag (aka CTF)

Field Type: Wooded

You may have played capture the flag when you were a kid. You broke up into two even teams and tried to capture your enemies flag without being tagged by an opponent. In paintball the difference is that you don’t tag people. You mark (shoot) them with a paintball. If you are hit with a paintball and it breaks open and marks you with paint, you are out of the game. The goal of the game is to move across the playing field to the enemy flag, retrieve it and safely return it to your base (flag station) inside a set time limit.

Generally our games last fifteen (15) minutes.

Once hit by a paintball you should inspect your body for paint. If you are hit in a location such as your back and cannot see if you are marked, then call out to a referee, “Paint check!”

In a similar circumstance if you shoot someone on the playing field and feel they are not aware they have been marked or believe they are unwilling to acknowledge being hit, you can call “check him!” to the nearest referee. You may also add for example “on that near bunker in the blue sweatshirt” or another example, “at that big tree in the brown jacket” so the ref knows who you want checked.

Once you’re eliminated. Place your barrel plug in your paintball gun (marker). Then raise at least one arm high in the air and walk off the playing field. You can watch the game from that vantage point or return to the registration area to prepare for the next game. Keep your arm raised to show your marker with barrel plug in for the best means of not being accidentally shot with paint again.


Center Flag CTF

Field Type: Wooded

This is a variation of capture the flag. Instead of crossing the entire playing field, retrieving an enemy flag and returning it to your flag station, both teams attempt to retrieve one (1) flag in the center of the paintball playing field. Once you gain control of the flag, the goal is to advance the flag to your enemies flag station.

Some F.A.Q. in regards to Center Flag:

Q: What if I’m eliminated while I have the flag?
A: Drop it where you are eliminated leave the field.

Q: Do we have to advance the flag immediately?
A: No. You can retreat then advance.

Q: Do we have to go for the flag immediately?
A: No, you can play your own strategy.

Q: What if no one captures the flag?
A: Games end in a draw after fifteen (15) minutes.

Q: Can we win by eliminating all their players?
A: Only if you advance the flag before time expires.

Q: Can we hide the flag as part of our strategy?
A: No.




Field Type: Wooded or Paintball Arena

Speedball paintball is a wide open fast paced elimination game. Teams are divided into two, and each team attempts to eliminate all players from the opposing team. The last player remaining claims the win for his/her team.

You do not have to advance. However when the ref calls “game on” or blows the horn, each team will “break out” of a huddle and take positions that each person feels offers them both good cover and position to take aim on the opponents.



Medic – CTF

Field Type: Paintball Arena

Have you ever played freeze tag as a kid? Medic is like that. In Medic CTF you sit down under cover when shot. You are NOT out, you are “downed”. You can call out to team mates too. Why? Because you are NOT out, you are downed.

Your game is NOT over when you are downed. A team member can ‘revive’ you by simply tagging you back in.

Here is the catch. Opposing players can guard you making you ‘bait’ in an effort to shoot out your team mates.

Medic encourages players to play fair and acknowledge being hit.

Medic enables players that generally stay or hide at the back of the field to get out there and experience the action! Why? Because it encourages newer players an chance to extend playing time by having team mates revive them if hit early on.

Here are a couple important rules in Medic.

  • When hit, sit down taking cover. If you were shot in the open you can sit in the open or move to take cover at your option. Once seated, you must stay until tagged in or the game is over.
  • Put your gun/marker down to show you are downed and NOT a live target.
  • Keep a hand raised to show you are downed & to tag in

The game is over in two situations. Either team steals and hangs the opposing teams flag in their own base, or if one team downs all the opposing players.



Medic – Elimination

Field Type: Wooded or Paintball Arena

This variation is used when playing in small groups of 3 on 3 to 5 on 5 game situations. It is also primarily used on a speed ball field.

The same rules as above apply.

  • When hit, sit down taking cover.
  • Put your gun/marker down to show you are downed and NOT a live target.
  • Keep a hand raised to show you are downed & to tag in.

The game is over when one team downs all the opposing players.