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The Complex


Paintball Action Games IS THE LARGEST paintball facility in Delaware. With over 50 acres of playing fields we are expanding!

Our fields support the following games:

Objective Based

  • Capture the Flag – Fight down field, pull the enemy flag and return it to your flag station for the win.
  • Territories – Claim the most territories by raising your teams color at established flag stations around the field. The team with the most flags raised at the end of the time limit wins.
  • Sabotage – A popular game we created, you move a huge (imaginary) bomb across mid field into the opponents field. When time expires or all the opponent players are eliminated, the bomb detonates. Which ever side of the mid field line the bomb is on, that team loses! It’s hugely popular at Paintball Action Games


  • On any field we support straight up elimination style games. To win, you just shoot all the opponents. This is played most on our hyperball field.


In general if you get shot once, you are out. But sometimes we play variants that enable you more playing time in every game.

  • Respawn – Be more aggressive Getting hit is no problem. Just return to your teams starting base (usually a flag station) to respawn. You’re back in the game!
  • Medic – Think of freeze tag. If you get hit, you are not out. You are a ‘downed’ player. A team mate can tag you back in and you return to play from where you were shot. There are some more rules to this we go over when you play at the fields.

Green Field

Aptly named for it’s lush foliage, if you like creeping around and working your way through brush, this is the field for you. It’s home to capture the flag, 5 flag territories and elimination. Sometimes we combine it with the Orange field for exceptionally huge field play. It has huge trees to use in bumping up field and bottle necks slightly in the middle. One side of the field is filled with craters and huge roots to hide within. The other side has a vast expanse to work across while dotted with wide trees

Red Field

The closest thing to speedball in the woods. It’s a long field and narrow enough that it’s very hard to flank. Stay out of the middle! Your strongest attack should be at the edges. We playcapture the flag, center flag (no points for pulling it, sorry) and elimination on this field. Flag captures to take place but it’s more common to see teams eliminate the other side. It’s a popular field for first time shooters. There is no brush on this field. Its all trees and plenty of them. You have clear shooting lanes making this a great field for long one ball snipers.

Back & Blue Field

A huge field that is usually only used for capture the flag. It’s big, it’s wide and it’s tricky. With a swamp in the middle, it can create a bottle neck at one side of the field and home to many fierce fire fights. It’s part lush, part open space with a bit of everything for everyone. The opposing flag stations are close to each other. You can wave hello to the opposing team before the horn blows but when it does you better scatter! The Black & Blue field is out latest addition giving you more variety than another other paintball facility in the tri-state area. The Black & Blue field does have 5 territory stations for 5 flag territory if players desire a bit of hard core paintball. Be careful what you ask for, you may get it!

Orange Field

Here is the most used field we have. It’s versatile too. It’s as wide as it is long. Few players use the width properly. Flank! There are plenty of mounds and ditches to one side of the field and the other has an uphill grade coming from the swamp which is often dry but when it’s not, look out for the one or two man crew sneaking up behind it at the back line. There is just enough room to squeeze through and few know to try it. We usually start your day on this field playing Sabotage. It’s a game with an imaginary bomb that detonates after a period of time. Usually 5 minutes. Object of the game, get the bomb across mid field into enemy territory when time expires. This means you have no reason to hide in the back. There is NO flag to protect! Get out there and shoot people! We also play traditional capture the flag here too. Now you can hide in the back! Next we play 3 flag territories. All lined across the 50 yard line, your team’s objective is to claim the most territories at the flag stations when time expires. Territories can switch throughout the game so once you have it, you have to keep it! We sometimes combine Orange with the neighboring Green field to play an extra large game of capture the flag. When the horn blows, you won’t see the enemy team. You’ll have to break out and go get them!

Hyperball (Speedball) Field

Why hyperball? Because speedball is sup air. Wooded or plastic bunkers is hyperball. It is of course an open lane shooting space. You fight at close quarters where if you are hit, you will feel it. But it also means your paintballs are most accurate here. We often play many game variations on this field from respawn to medic and our popular Sabotage. Most games are elimination. Spectators are welcome but you must ALWAYS have a mask on in this area.