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Paintball Safety

Plan on wearing something that covers all your skin. If possible, wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. People often ask, “Does a paintball hurt?” The answer is, “Only enough that you wouldn’t want be shot again.” Now if you don’t wear something that covers all your skin, that is your option, but remember, the more cover you have on, the less the paintball will sting. If you have a jacket or sweat shirt with a hood, that can also be helpful. The paint will not stain your clothes, it is biodegradable and will only stain if you leave the paint on your clothes for an extended period of time. You may want to bring a spare change of pants or shirt in case you get dirty or do get shot with a lot of paint.

We provide the mask. Our masks cover most prescription glasses. You can bring your own mask of course. It must be a paintball mask not a pair of ski goggles, safety glasses or anything other than a paintball mask. Any other form of eye wear will not be able to protect you from a flying paintball.

NOTE: You will see some players dressed very seriously. Some wearing exotic paintball clothing designed for the sport of paintball. Don’t let this intimidate you. Clothes do not make the player. Many players have expensive markers (paintball guns) but the marker is only as good as the person shooting it. Anyone can be good at paintball.



You can bring your own marker (paintball gun) or rent one from us. We supply reliable markers made by Tippmann. Currently we stock Tippmann Custom 98’s. Renting a paintball marker from us means you don’t have to worry about your own marker breaking down on you and ruining your day. When you rent from us we supply all the Co2 refills (and the Co2 tank of course). With rental you will receive 200 paintballs. If you run out, you can buy more at the registration booth. For insurance reasons, you may only use our paintballs. You may not bring your own.



So what does registration consist of? First we collect payment from the group leaders and each person from each group must sign a waiver. Lets face it, paintball is a sport for mature people that understand that a paintball marker can be a dangerous device if you don’t respect it. This is why at registration you must pay attention to the manager while he tells you how to play safely at our paintball fields. The number one rule is “Keep your mask on during play.” Other common sense rules will insure you have a great time and everyone will go home with nothing but great stories to tell about their day. To learn more about safety, read our Paintball Basics section.


Testing Markers

During registration everyone is assigned a marker and markers are tested for safety. No marker may shoot a paintball at more that 300 feet per second. This is an industry standard and yes we have equipment to test your marker (paintball gun). Testing doesn’t just mean safety. It means you get to shoot your gun! We have an assigned shooting range for testing. Now is the time if you’ve never shot a paintball gun to get familiar with your marker. You will find they don’t kick-back or feel the least uncomfortable to shoot.


Let’s Play Some Paintball!

Now we split everyone on hand from one or more groups into two teams. Your team is indicated by a colored armband. From here we start our day with a game of capture the flag on the Red field. For your safety and to ensure no one cheats, the game is reff’d by our staff.

After the first game of capture the flag on the red field, the teams switch ends of the field so neither team can claim the other side had an advantage in their win.

Between games you can visit the registration booth if you have a problem with your marker. This rarely happens but we are here for you if you need us.

By now you’re a paintball pro. You are feeling comfortable and don’t want your day to end! We move the groups from field to field but if everyone decides they prefer one field over another we are glad to accommodate you. It is your day!